29 Fall and Winter Shoes That’ll Fit in Your Suitcase

As you know, fall is here and winter is coming, which means gone (for now) are the days of throwing your little summer sandals in your suitcase and being on your merry way. Your footwear will soon be competing with bulky sweaters and coats for space, and cold-weather shoes are typically much bulkier than their spring and summer counterparts. Packing for fall and winter trips is honestly such a predicament, but the least I can do to help is to tackle the shoe component.

It really doesn’t help that bulky shoes have been trending since last fall, and while you may want to bring your chunky lug-sole Chelsea boots, they might take up half of your suitcase. (For this reason, I advise wearing those on the plane.) Instead, you’re going to want to pack shoes made of flexible materials that can be folded or smooshed a bit if needed, with thin(ish) soles. 

I did lots of searching and found 29 pairs of packable, stylish shoes that fit the bill. They may not take up as little room as your summer shoes, but we’re doing the best we can.

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