39 Summer Items I’m Buying From Nordstrom Right Now

While I do my best to bring you as many amazing finds as humanly possible on a regular basis, it may surprise you to know that I am actually quite the picky shopper. In fact, I’ve been this way my whole life, but I’m fairly certain that my job as a fashion editor over the last eight or so years has only heightened and honed my sense of taste. That means if I show you, say, 36 basics I think are worth buying, you should know that I might have looked at up to a thousand products just to narrow it down to that number. Annoying for me? Yes. However, it’s great for you because you can rest assured that I’m only showing you what I feel is the best of the best.

Now, that brings us to today’s post. This week, I turned my discerning eye to Nordstrom because, well, I know it’s a fan favorite, and we are in peak summer-dressing mode. After scrolling through hundreds of pages, I came out the other side with 39 items (including both clothing and accessories) that I really think you need to see. To find out what made the cut and, of course, do some shopping along the way, simply keep scrolling.

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