4 Designer Bags That Are Emerging as the Best Investments

In the list of designer handbags that are superstars at retaining their value, it’s no secret that the Hermès Birkin reigns supreme. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t other brands and styles people are clamoring for. The RealReal recently released its annual Luxury Consignment Report, which harnassed data from thousands and thousands of purchases on its site to identify trending items and brands, revealing the most in-demand buys right now.

The report included several different categories from fine jewelry to ready-to-wear, but I zeroed in on the section labeled “Rising Resale Stars” and “Smart Investment Bags”. These specific purse styles were highlighted because they are currently retaining their value exceptionally well. In other words, these bags can be sold on the resale market for almost as much as the original price (no rapid depreciation here!). Impressive, right? We get there’s no such thing as a sure thing, but when it comes to value, these styles are about as close as you can get. Scroll down to see the new crop of designer handbags that are a smart investment.  

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