5 Ways to Make an Outfit Look Expensive

It’s a known fact among my family and friends: I got my love for clothing from my mother. My mom won best dressed in high school and ever since has always known the latest trends, read more fashion magazines than me, and never failed to look über stylish. So it really wasn’t a shock when I started expressing interest in the fashion world at a young age.

Throughout the years, I’ve picked up plenty of style advice from her (obviously along with a lot of really great life advice), and since I ended up as an editor at Who What Wear, I’m convinced it was pretty good. The one thing she was always a stickler about was making sure I looked expensive when I walked out the door. And she taught me that I didn’t need designer labels to do so.

When shopping, she’d check the bags I picked to see if the hardware looked okay, make sure my jewelry wasn’t about to turn my finger green, and always steer me toward the real-leather options when it came to shoes and handbags. To this day, I still take her tips and tricks into account when I’m looking for things to buy. Want to see the items that are mom-approved? Keep scrolling.

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