The 14 Best Summer Skirt Outfits for 2021

Here’s how to know if you’re a skirt person: If the thought of slipping into a pair of rigid denim jeans once the weather hits 80° is a nightmare, if you prefer a pretty hemline no matter the occasion, or if you’ve made it this far and thought “enough already—show me the outfits,” you may be a skirt person. That’s good news because as far as summer skirt outfits go, they not only run the gamut, but there’s also endless inspiration to glean from our favorite style stars right now. I know most will say that dresses are the “uniform” for summer, and while I like a dress moment, I think there are a lot more styling options with skirts. 

As just a start, ahead are 14 mini, maxi, and in-between ensembles for any activity summer springs on you. Be it outfits that are fit for brunch, the beach, or date night, the looks ahead just might inspire you to forget about pants altogether until fall rolls back around. (I wouldn’t blame you.)

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