The Ultimate Summer Trend Shopping List for 2021

My friends are always texting me about what to buy, how to style things, and where to go for their randomly specific style needs. This summer, it was more about where to buy current trends as opposed to how to style them, so I figured a straightforward summer 2021 shopping list was in order. Below you will discover everything I am eyeing from three of my all-time favorite retailers. Net-a-Porter, H&M, and Shopbop are my usual go-to’s when I need to see and shop all the current trends from multiple brands and designers at once which is why I chose them for my shopping list du jour. 

Ahead, enjoy my personal summer trend shopping list featuring all the trends everyone’s talking about. I have a feeling that if my friends are inquiring about them, you are too, so shop the below now and thank me later. 

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